Vorinclex rules the Tangle, but since the war began, he cloistered himself in the ruins of Tel-Jilad. Surrounded by his advisors, he is rarely seen by anyone else. His closest advisor is Glissa, formerly a Viridian elf, who was compleated during the years that Phyrexia lurked in the core. Now, she has become the de facto ruler of the region.

Both Vorinclex's and Glissa's beliefs are in line with the fundamental ideology of Phyrexia: flesh is weak. All other lifeforms should be eliminated or subsumed into Phyrexia, the ultimate "species." But unlike other Phyrexians, they believe this should be accomplished through an accelerated natural selection—a monstrous simulation of the predator-prey cycle in which all prey are predators themselves.

Glissa's power developed during the years she refers to as "the Deadlock," when Phyrexia was confined to the inner core of the planet. During the Deadlock, there was much discussion among the Phyrexian hierarchy about how and when to proceed with the attack of the surface. At the time, the praetors were building up their forces for a full-scale assault in which all Mirrans would either be killed or converted in a short time.

Glissa was opposed to waiting until Phyrexia had the forces to wage a full-scale assault. She thought waiting was a sign of weakness. Instead, Glissa believed the Phyrexians should immediately move to the surface and begin converting and/or killing the Mirrans and changing them into full-scale Phyrexian predators. This was the way to advance the great work.

In the Deadlock years, Glissa whispered to her allies and followers: The Phyrexian hierarchy has stagnated. Its leadership is soft and weak. Building on other Phyrexians' discontent—and surviving several assassination attempts with the help of Vorinclex—she constructed a powerful faction through cunning and strength.

Glissa's goal is to create a system where the strongest and deadliest will dominate. Her faction opposes anything that would prevent that from happening. There are few hierarchical orders in the Tangle. There are distinct roles and niches, but little in the way of an organized system of governance. Any attempts at a societal structure are ruthlessly eliminated by Glissa and her enforcer-beasts. Predatory instinct is the highest value, and there is no need for any ambition or sense of self. Domination of the strongest is all that matters in the Tangle now.

There is no single cult of personality in the Tangle. The green-aligned faction doesn't revere Yawgmoth's memory. They believe his defeat is a sign that he was not the true Father of Machines, and faith or reliance in a single leader was a bad idea. They also believe that the having a single focal point of leadership contributes to stagnation.


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