They're tough, Walter. They outnumber us and they have better weapons and equipment. But they lack focused leadership... That is where we must strike at them!-Max Baine (Union Train Depot)

Since we increased wages for the miners, Gomorra's economy hass grown drastically. The Town Council supports our move one hundred percent, but I'm afraid the corporate office is having a hard time justifying the expense. They're making noise about replacing you, Max. -Walter Ponds (Formal Duds)

Tell the miners out there to keep this quiet for now, Duvalier. Sandra's upset enough without knowing that Robert is alive. -Walter Ponds (Bleeding Vein)

Thanks for the lift, Gus. Much obliged. -Walter Ponds (Rescue Operation)

They arrived and started askin' questions about the mines, the workers, and you, Max. I think they're Corporate Enforcers. -Walter Pond (Hired Help)

Within moments, the fire I've set at the base of this mesa will ignite its ghost rock. You could kill me, I suppose, but that would leave you precious little time to save the miners in the caves below. Goodbye, Mr. Ponds. (Doctor Duvalier)

Stay behind me and do exactly as I say, sir. Looks like St. James' killer has come back for seconds...

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