Cousins of the common oni and the ogre magi, the wang-liang are a race of exceptionally intelligent and long-lived humanoids who are implacably hostile to humans.

Soft pelts of lustrous dark brown or black hair cover their thick bodies. Their feet end in two broad toes with hooked black toenails. They have retractable claws in their fingers and the sharp, pointed teeth of a carnivore. Their eyes are wide and large, almost feline, with black irises rimmed in luminous, fiery red. Both males and females have long unruly hair, usually black or brown, which grows in seemingly random directions from their scalps. Long dark beards grow beneath the chins of adult males.

Wang-liang wear a variety of light clothing. Males prefer loin-cloths and capes, while females wear knee-length smocks with scarves around their necks. Their clothing is made of cotton or silk, often dyed red or green. If they are anticipating battle, wang-liang wear a special splint armor. (See below.)

Wang-liang speak their own language, as well as the languages of oni and humans living in the area. The wang-liang also have a limited telepathic ability which functions only between members of their race. Their telepathic power has a range of about 40 miles, but it is blocked by stone walls and similar obstructions. A wang-liang requires one full round to establish telepathic communication with another of its kind; he can take no other actions during that round. Provided they maintain concentration, two wang-liang who are communicating telepathically can do so indefinitely. As soon as an attack or similar disturbance interrupts their concentration, the telepathic link is broken.

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