Standing 8 to 9 feet tall, the warden archons are hulking creatures with white fur and a bear-like head, Their eyes, tiny and bright like a bear's, reflect extreme intelligence. Their broad white paws end in razor-sharp, jet-black claws. The creature is clad in fearsome full plate engraved with faintly glowing symbols of holiness and virtue.

They have the great strength and acute senses of a grizzly bear, though not its unpredictable nature. The solemn warden archons guard the gates of the Seven Heavens, standing ever vigilant should that bastion of law and order fall under siege. Since such attacks seldom occur, the wardens have a secondary task of observing the affairs of the Material Plane through great magical scrying pools located near the gates.

A warden archon’s bearlike head and gentle nature sometimes lead its enemies to assume it possesses an ursine disposition to laziness, a conclusion soon proven wrong by powerful jaws and claws once combat has begun.

Wardens never sleep, spending all of their time observing their assigned pools or gates. Many mortals hence refer to wardens as “Watchers.” They have more interactions with and a keener understanding of the mortal world than any other archons, a point of pride they bear openly (occasionally too openly, leading to some chafing among the other archons). Perhaps because of the temptations they view daily, more warden archons fall to the vices of evil than any other type of celestial.

Warden archons never speak aloud, preferring to communicate via telepathy. They can (and often do) communicate vocally with ursine animals.

Warden Archon

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