The Weave is a vast ocean of grass, and deep within its shadowy green recesses lives a unique society of people. The Weavers have adapted well to living among the grass, existing in peaceful isolation among the mile-tall reeds and finding ways to exist with little or no environmental impact. The grass itself bends to their will, creating paths, houses, baskets, swings, and other necessities; with all this, the Weavers have little need for the outside world.

Weavers are generally pacifist by nature, friendly and hospitable to those they greet. They like to play, relax, explore, and experiment. Specifically, they love to push themselves to the limit, climbing higher, running faster, leaping farther, and making more difficult jumps than ever before, a kind of "extreme sports" lifestyle that affects everything they do. They've been known to build swings that have a half-mile arc, they play a very reckless full-contact version of hide-and-seek, and even the way they move around The Weave gives visitors the willies. However, Weavers have also developed a healthy paranoia towards outsiders. For centuries, people from other regions have passed along the borders of The Weave. Calder fires burn the grass, Arderial cyclones disrupt the folded blades, and Bograthian mildew blights the plants. From what the Weavers can tell, it's a violent world out there. Yes, their view is judgmental and the world is not as bad as it seems, but as long as the Weavers remain at home, they'll never find out.

Weavers' skin is at the darker end of the Moonlands spectrum, ranging from a median brown to fairly dark, with undertones varying from creamy to deep brown. Their hair is also almost always brown, ranging from hay blonde to dark brown. Most Weavers prefer to use the Weave magic to arrange their hair into tight braids or absolutely perfect dreadlocks, each one the same diameter and length, and not one showing any hint of fuzz or kinks. Their eyes come in either various shades of brown, or else pale colors that show well against their skin, and their ears are well rounded and always alert. Although Weavers are by and large slightly smaller than most Moonlanders - averaging almost exactly five feet high - they have a trim and athletic build that suits them well in their home region. Given the ease of their lives in The Weave, many Weavers sport a perpetual smile.

Weaver attire is easily recognizable for the simple fact that it's made entirely out of woven plants. Casual wear is woven of soft and colorful blades, while items that need to be more durable - like the rare piece of armor - are woven out of a stiffer, wicker-like material. Since they are woven or braided by hand (and magic), Weaver clothes are form fitting, almost like a second skin. The persistent humidity in The Weave also keeps coverage rather small, though not immodest. Weavers occasionally use stones, shells, feathers, and other simple items to make jewelry.

The Weave is a great place to live, and it has made its mark on its people. The grass willingly folds itself to make soft pathways, pleasant huts, and playground equipment that boggles the mind. This generosity formed the heart of the pacifist Weaver culture. Weavers are also a very here-and-now people; while The Weave is an ocean of grass, it's an ocean with very limited visibility. Influenced by that and the generosity of their region, Weaver society as a whole pursues short-term needs and goals. This entire lifestyle has pushed the Weavers to go over the top in the areas of sport and competition, as if the extreme nature of their recreation and the adrenalin-fueled pursuit of excellence might make up for the lack of danger and conflict in their everyday life. To be an athlete is to be respected.