Weirds are the product of yet another Izzet experiment whose goal was to combine two opposing elemental types (e.g., fire/ice, smoke/lightning, or steam/stone). Izzet mages hoped that these contradictory combinations might create elementals that were more stable and easier to control, but, of course, true to form for Izzet experimentation, the actual outcome was the exact opposite. Weirds are even wilder and more unpredictable than elementals of their component elements. However, weirds can make potent guardian creatures or fighting familiars.

Weirds are, in the words of an Izzet League researcher, "Diametrically opposing energies in self-sealed plasmodermic bubbles". They were created by Niv-Mizzet when he trashed a meeting of elementalists.

The fire elementalists were bickering with the water elementalists over whose media was the most flexible. The earth elementalists and electro-elementalists joined in the fray. Unimpressed and bored by it all, Niv-Mizzet took each opposing element and combined them into semi-sentient walking paradox “pets.” Then he ordered them to burn, drown, smash, and electrocute all the bickering mages. The weirds would become the ultimate lab-lackeys, lab-rats, lab-pets and lab-mates to the wizards sharp enough to put oil and water together and make them dance.

Noted Weird (Ravnica)s

Melek (Ravnica)Weird (Ravnica)Izzet ParagonRavnica

Subtypes and Variants

Blistercoil WeirdRavnica
Frostburn WeirdDominia
Steamcore WeirdDominia

Weird token