For countless centuries, no creature in the Abyss could remember Areex, a tanar'ri demon prince imprisoned in the Wells ot Darkness. Codices of Abyssal history held no record of his lite, his exploits, or rhe terrible deeds that earned him a place in an inky pool. Then, seven years ago, twenty-three gibberlings in the city of Sigil mysteriously began repeating rhe same message. The normally unintelligible bestial humanoids conveyed in barking tones the tale of a demon lord named Areex journeying to "another place" to enter an undisclosed pact with a being called Bolothamogg.

The message orders Areex to venture "Beyond the Stars" to pay the price of the deal. The howling gibberlings evenru-ally got on the nerves of their owners, who had them put to death, but a small handful of the creatures remain in the hands of private collectors, who report with uncertainty that the message has grown louder and more insistent with each passing year. To date, no efforts to revive Areex have met with success.

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