series of pools on the 73rd layer of the Abyss - the eponymous Wells of Darkness - contain some of the most vile and accursed prisoners in all rhe multiverse, let alone the Abyss. The inky black liquid of the pools somehow restrains those submerged into it, preventing escape but allowing a very primitive form of telepathic communication rhat serves only ro prove that the captives have not yet been erased from existence. Escape from the Wells of Darkness has occurred in the past—ar the order of the Court of Woe or rhe act ot a greater deity, for example—but such events are so rare that those who follow the history of the Abyss can name all known escapees from memory: Bayemon of the Unhealing Wound, the marilith queen Shaktari, Siragle the Ineffable, and vaunted Zzyczesiya. More important are the demons and godlings still bound within the Wells, tragic, half-remembered vil-lains so reprehensible that their lellow demons or fol-lowers bound them here for all time.

A steely blue sun casts dim illumination upon the rocky layer, a vast plain interrupted here and there by jagged tors rhat roughly shield individual pool sites from their neighbors. A 10-Ioot-wide marble pathway connects all of the pools to one another, and planar lore holds that those who wander from this path risk incurring the wrarh of the Abyss itself. Visitors who linger more than a few hours risk gaining the attention of the Custodians, advanced bodaks of Large size that are utterly silent and relentlessly patrol the layer.

The idea of an impregnable prison appeals to the chaotic denizens of the Abyss, who see it as a challenge that will inevitably be bested. Some who visit the plane do so to communicate with a fallen patron, while others hope to deal with the prisoners in exchange for helping them escape. Still others come to learn, for while the prisoners of the Wells of Darkness cannot overtly interact with the Abyss, they are far from wirhout influence. A general catalog ot the creatures contained in just one portion of the Wells follows.