Along a particularly well-traveled stretch of road in Amoria, a wooden bridge crosses a rushing river. The span, known as White Feather Bridge, is hand-carved and painted to resemble a great white swan stretching her wings from bank to bank. It is considered one of the finest pieces of art on the plane. However, it was constructed during a time when the road did not see so much traffic, and it is too narrow to allow more than a single creature to pass at a time.

Some have talked about replacing or adding to the bridge. Others have gone so far as to build a new, wider bridge across the river only a few hundred feet to the north. But travelers still prefer to cross at the White Feather Bridge. They say, “Even the divine skies of Elysium look brighter when viewed from the span of the White Feather Bridge; it is more than just a convenience, it is a tradition that no one should be denied.”

White Feather Bridge is a planar touchstone, granting abilities to those who pass its tests.

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