A tale of Poxnora

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"Archers, take aim!"

The creak of bowstrings being pulled taught filled the air. M'alrese had been tasked with defending the outskirts of K'thiras from the Draksar, she hadn't expected what they had unleashed.


A flurry of arrows was released, arcing through the air as one great cloud. In seconds they found their mark, landing amongst the horde of insectile creatures storming at them. The Draksar had found a way to unleash the Myx against their foes. The drones leading the swarm fell by the dozen to the onslaught, but it was not enough. Another drone replaced every one that was felled. Behind the drones the bulkier bodies of two Broodlords could be seen, and a return fire of high velocity darts told of Sandsnipes.

Several elves cried out in pain as they were struck, dropping to the floor as the acidic projectiles of the Myx ate away at them. A few pages rushed to tend to those they could, but many more were left.

"Archers, reload!"

M'alrese did not think they could succeed, they had time for a final volley before they would be forced to retreat. The elves of K'thir simply could not survive the attrition rate the Myx were applying without their allies.


Once more the arrows were released, and once more dozens of drones fell. But still the swarm came.

"Prepare to fall back!" M'alrese ordered, "Bring those you can carry, leave behind those you cannot."

At that moment a great trembling in the ground made her stumble. Looking around, she saw several of the great trees lifting themselves from the ground and start lumbering towards the Myx. As the elves fell back, the Treefolk crashed into the Myx swarm and, incredibly, held their ground. M'alrese watched in astonishment as one Treefolk hefted a fallen oak and swept it through the Myx lines, sending several bodies flying with every swing. It soon reached one of the Broodlords and started to trade earth-shaking blows with it.

"Halt the retreat, cover the Treefolk, stop them from being overwhelmed."

M'alrese smiled, perhaps the day was not yet lost.

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