Welcome to a world existing on the boundaries of the imagination, where our future is reality. Conjure within your mind's eye a world existing at the cornerstone of dimensional pathways. It is a world on the brink of technological advancements that instill both awe and fear in the hearts of those who hope to possess these wonders of science. All vehicles of progress have alternate uses, however. Choices are made and promises are kept. Thus these wonders borne of invention become the horrors of which nightmares exist.

There are two crimson moons that circle the planet, named Raduale I and Raduale II.

The World of Destiny is the setting for the Shadow Raven card game.

Note: This world, existing at a nexus of dimensions, is officially unnamed. In this wiki, it was given the name "World of Destiny", drawing from the name of its original (now defunct) publisher, Destiny Press.

Countries and Realms of World of Destiny

Cities on World of Destiny