A world torn apart by fear, sewn together with lies...

Terror. It is a word we know well. It haunts our daily lives and changes the way we act, the way we think. Though we may not realize it, terror has drawn us into a new kind of global conflict that is fought not only in far off places but also in our hearts and minds. Einstein was only part right: World War III is not being fought with devastating weapons of mass destruction — yet — but rather with the strength of true conviction, the principles required to take a stand for a future worth saving. He was right about the stakes, though. They’re nothing short of extinction.

World on Fire presents a savage, uncompromising view of one possible future that is all too dangerously near. It is a dark mirror of the real world, disturbingly familiar yet shockingly different, in which spies and soldiers become revolutionaries poised to shape a future of their own design.

The World on Fire is the setting for the Spycraft CCG and one of the settings for the Spycraft RPG

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