Wraiths are ghostly incorporeal undead. Wraiths are generally jealous of any living creature and take great pleasure in draining the living of their life energy.

A Wraith is the restless and vengeful spirit of a deceased mortal. They possess fragments of their former identities, and remember just enough of their lives to resent any who are still able to enjoy a physical existence. Most often a wraith begins its new unlife by haunting to insanity and death any former relations it can recall, tormenting the family by first betraying any trusts and finally slaying them one by one. Wraiths which have satisfied this bloodlust may simply pass on afterward, or, more dangerous, might continue to walk the land in search of new prey. Wraiths can communicate, if they so choose, and have been known to make dark pacts with the living, though they certainly cannot be trusted and have brought great misery and destruction on those who drop their guard for even an instant.

Noted Wraiths

Acheron (Castle Age)Wraiththe Wraith of DespairCastle Age
Daanso BatoqWraithLarisnar

Subtypes and Variants

Darkwood WraithShadow Era
Goar WraithRavaged Worlds
Nether WraithPoxnora
Ossuary SpiritSolis
Soul BeckonerOerth

Bog Tatters, Bog Wraith (10E), Bog Wraith, Street Wraith, Wraith