A 140-foot-long sea vessel of human design has been drawn into a little-used corner of the Demonweb. The ship's bow proclaims itself the Faraday Queen, but it has obviously been centuries since rhe ship last touched water.

The Faraday Queen is currently home ro a small colony of eight araneas who seek to serve Lolth but who have not yet made an imptession strong enough to linger in the Spider Queen's memory, A ship's log rests among scattered treasure claimed by the aranea headman. The journal suggests that the human crew initiated something called the Barbatos Device while on the open sea, and were immediately transported to the foggy raw chaos of the Abyss, from whence the ship was plucked to become part of the Demonweb. No traces of this device exist, but mentioning it in the presence of Lolth is sufficient to earn an immediate death sentence. She clearly knows of the plane-spanning artifact and might once have possessed it, but it now rests in the hands of a rival demon lord.