The Wylden Host stands to defend the Land against any foe, and are prepared to turn swords against their own brethren if the cause is just.

The Wylden Host is made up of Elven, Troll, Centaur and Faerie renegades who have turned against the will of the Spirit of Tezla, and no longer follow orders from Prophet-Priest Tremelen or the leaders of the Elemental Freeholds. They believe that Tezla's order to recall the Elemental armies back to Roanne Valle was foolish, and that leaving the forests and meadows of the Wylden open to rape and destruction by the Crusader forces is an unforgivable sin. While many of the members of the fervent Wylden Host do not wish ill upon their one-time allies, each and every one of these warriors has sworn a blood-oath to defend the Land at any cost, even if it means standing against the will of the Spirit of Tezla.

Following the initial wave of the Dark Crusader assault into the Wylden, the eruption of the Wylden Host subfaction has brought about the flavor of civil war amongst the Elemental Freeholds. While for more than a century Trolls and Elves have bickered about the proper way to defend the Land, the creation of the Wylden Host goes against the grain of the laws of battle passed down by the Spirit of Tezla, and introduces a rogue strain of warriors that threatens to bisect an already divided culture. While only a small percentage of all Elementals belong to the Wylden Host, within Roanne Valle many non-Elven warriors are having to carefully watch their words for fear of being labeled as a member of this radical subfaction. At the same time, members of the Wylden Host are being praised by the Circle of Nine for their precise and devastating attacks against the Crusader armies, while being snubbed privately as being deserters disloyal to the Spirit of Tezla and the "true" fight for the Land.

The Stonekeep fortress located to the north of the Wylden Plateau - the only other major center of Elemental activity remaining after the initial Crusader siege - is filled with warriors who disobeyed the recall order, and believe that they can best fight for the Land by engaging the Necromancers directly, rather than cowering behind the walls of Roanne Valle. While they would happily do whatever they could to free their kin from the Crusader trap, the extremes that they will go to in order to claim victory would make most Freeholder warriors blanch with horror.