A wyvern is a dragon-like creature. As compared to Dragons and Drakes, a wyvern only has two legs and a pair of reptilian wings. Some varieties of wyvern have stingers on their tail.

Most wyverns have broad, membranous wings in place of true arms. They lack the six-limbed structures of dragons; dragons have four true legs in addition to wings. Wyverns are usually not sentient creatures, but they're quite intelligent animals. They are masterful flyers, occupying a position in the food chain just above most birds of prey.

Smaller varieties are quite trainable and are often used as familiars by mages. Some have theorized that they have about the same ability to learn and recognize commands as dogs, pigs, or sea otters.

Noted Wyverns


Subtypes and Variants

Angler DrakeAmonkhet
Azimaet DrakeDominia
Azure DrakeDominia
Blade WyvernLavato
Bog WyvernLavato
Brood WyvernLavato
Cerulean WyvernDominia
Champion's DrakeDominia
Chasm DrakeDominia
Chromescale DrakeDominia
Cindersmoke WyvernSolis
Coastal DrakeDominia
Darkslick DrakeDominia
Desert DrakeDominia
Double HeaderPolycephalicDominia
Earth WyvernLavato
Ebon DrakeDominia
Enigma DrakeAmonkhet
Explosive WyvernLavato
Fighting DrakeDominia
Fire Drake (Itharia)Itharia
Firestorm WyvernLavato
Flailing DrakeDominia
Flowstone WyvernDominia
Frost RaptorDominaria
Hazerider DrakeDominia
Hinterland DrakeKaladesh
Horizon DrakeDominia
Hunting DrakeDominia
Iridescent DrakeDominia
Kyscu DrakeDominia
Lightning WyvernLavato
Lumengrid DrakeDominia
Mindeye DrakeRavnica
Nightwing WyvernLavato
Ocean WyvernLavato
Rakdos DrakeRavnica
Sabertooth WyvernDominia
Sapphire DrakeRavnica
Scavenger DrakeDominia
Screeching DrakeDominia
Sea DrakeDominia
Sea Wyvern
Seacoast DrakeDominia
Serum RakerMirrodin
Shimmerscale DrakeAmonkhet
Silver DrakeDominia
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Drake Familiar, Wyvern (Warlord), Wyvern (stage1), Wyvern (stage4)