The capital of Kybar's Teeth, Yark's Eyrie is a floating castle tethered by immense chains to six nearby mountaintops. Intricate carvings on the surrounding mountains attest to the Kybarites' creativity. The chains actually keep the Eyrie from floating away, rather than falling to the ground.

Long ago, Yark's Eyrie started to break away from its original mountain peak, as it sat on a large deposit of Kybar's magical lifting minerals.When Kybarites built Yark's Eyrie, they didn't realize they had built it over a large deposit of Kybar's magical lifting mineral. As the magi crafted and enhanced their home, the magical field intensified the lift, and eventually the entire town began to lift from its mountain peak. Only a combined action by the Kybarites, Arderians, and Calders prevented the city from drifting off the face of the Moonlands.