Tarkir of the Khans

Yasimin, often just called by her war name Ankleshank, is a female goblin warrior who's famed for her rash battle expertise. She's reckless and fearless, often rushing into battle without support from the rest of her horde. She famously never holds onto one weapon for very long, preferring to switch to the weapon her most recently slain enemy wielded.

Tarkir of the Dragons

Known in the original timeline as Ankleshank or Ankle Shanker, the Kolaghan goblin called Vial Smasher is a reckless wielder of bottled dragonfire. She keeps a vial of dragonfire on her person at all times, and doesn't hesitate to smash it open and unleash burning death on any who threaten her. So far, she's always managed to escape the ensuing conflagration.

The denizens of Tarkir are all too familiar with the destructive power of dragonfire, and Vial Smasher, a goblin of the Kolaghan clan, is no exception. Brash and fearless, she has spent a lifetime handling - and smashing - vials of this dangerous substance. In another timeline, with another name, the planeswalker Sarkhan Vol considered her a clan-mate and a friend.

Ankle Shanker (promo), Vial Smasher the Fierce