Yetsira, the Heavenly City is visible from everywhere on Jovar and from vantage points on lower levels. The city is a seven-layered ziggurat. An enormous staircase on each of its four faces connects the terraces. Gemstones of profound value make up every step and every stone on the ziggurat, and all glow with an inner light. Hosts of archons move up and down the stairs, but the structure is so massive that the steps never grow crowded.

On the lowest terrace sits the Exchequer of Souls, a black marble building of graceful arches and onion domes laced with threads of gold and silver. Here powerful archons weigh the virtues of lower archons, elevating the worthy to higher forms.

The Radiant Arsenal on the fourth terrace is a long, narrow building with a vaulted ceiling and extensive cellars. Here weapons both magic and mundane are stored to arm the archon hosts if necessary. The most important weapons are said to contain the essence of powerful archons. They reside in pearl-lined vaults sealed by deity-scribed glyphs.

The Bridge of al-Sihal on the seventh, highest terrace is a beam of blinding light. This is the portal to the seventh heaven, Chronias, and it is guarded by a solar named Xerona who turns aside the unworthy.