The Yodotai originate from a land far to the west of the Emerald Empire. The Yodotai Empire is a vast and powerful nation intent on the idea that they are directed by divine mandate to rule over all lands that exist. Over the past thousand years they have slowly but steadily moved closer to the Emerald Empire. They have met hundreds of cultures in their inexorable march and have conquered them all. The Yodotai are merciful and just in their rule, but they demand complete and utter subservience from their subjects. All must submit to the Yodotai Empire, or die.

The Yodotai armies swell with well-trained troops, filled with the military knowledge of a hundred cultures. The Yodotai do not use magic; instead the spirits of their fallen fight on the battlefield, killing their enemies and blocking the effects of spells. They are a dangerous and highly capable threat that cannot be ignored.

The Yodotai move slowly when they conquer a new land. First, they send out mercenaries as scouts and spies into the target land. Over the course of several years, the mercenaries gain the trust of the people and learn their secrets. Once they have fully analyzed the people’s weaknesses, they send those notes back to the main Yodotai army. Few armies stand a chance against the might of the Yodotai forces when all of their secrets have been exposed.