The regal and reticent merfolk called Zegana is the current guildmaster of the Simic Combine. She is the Speaker for Zonot One, the first of the mysterious sinkholes to emerge on Ravnica, and she delivered the Fathom Edict that declared a new beginning for the Combine. Zegana is quick to point out, however, that she speaks at the discretion of the Speakers’ Chamber, a secretive body of all nine of the zonots’ speakers. She claims that the Chamber can revoke that status, at which time another Speaker would replace her as the guildmaster. Many outside the Simic believe this is false modesty, however, and that Zegana controls the Chamber - if it actually meets at all.

"We measure our progress in heartbeats." -Prime Speaker Zegana (Simic Charm)

"Aurelia seems too eager to solve her problems by delivering them to oblivion." -Prime Speaker Zegana (Shattering Blow)

"While the sea may be our home, the sky is our destiny." -Prime Speaker Zegana (Hydroform)

"Civilization will subsume us unless we overwhelm it instead." -Speaker Zegana (Dispel)

Prime Speaker Zegana