The largest city of Graz'zt's realm, Zelatar exists in all three layers. Doorways may allow exit onto a street or into a building, but the building interior or the street could very well exist on a different layer of the Abyss. The inhabitants of Zelatar (demons, half-fiends, tieflings, and others who revere Graz'zt) soon learn the ways of the shifting portals, but most visitors require a guide to get from place to place within the city.

Zelatar's streets wind and weave in a thoroughly perplexing manner thar sometimes seems to defy the laws of reality. Even more so than Sigil. its doors and entryways often shift: some say that the entire town is one of Graz'zt's experiments, an attempt to recreate the portals of the Cage. Zelatar's alu-fiends, cambions, nabassu, shadow fiends, slow shadows, succubi, and tieflings all seem untroubled by the three realms. They are puzzled by planars who find it difficult to navigate among the three, and they claim the three realms are no more different than day, dusk, and night anywhere else. Until someone has lived in the city for a year or more, he must rely upon a guide ro find his way from one part ot town to another.

Graz'zt has issued a decree giving merchants protection in his realm, and while his will is not uniformly enforced, it is law in Zelatar, where Material Plane "merchants" often receive a small retinue of tieflings and half-demons as their official guards while they remain in the city. The "guards" exist to watch the merchants as much as would-be bilkers, and Graz'zt is not above inviting a stranger to his abode simply ro rob him of a particularly coveted magic item.

The Argent Palace is visible from anywhere in Zelatar, regardless of which layer the observer is looking from. The Argent Palace is Graz'zt's abode of sixty six ivory towers and one hundred cold, mirrored halls. The palace is a sterile, echoing space where those seeking Graz'zt's audience room must wend their way through the mirror and portal maze in which ravenous bodaks roam.

The city's three major boroughs are Fogtown, on the colorless 45th layer, cosmopolitan Gallenghast on the 46th, and Darkflame on the 47th layer, where heat and cold are reversed and torches flicker with blue and purple flames.

Places in Zelatar

NameSite Type
Argent PalacePalace