Zhalfir is a militaristic nation on the continent of Jamuraa. At one point, they controlled almost all of Jamuraa, including what is now Femeref and Suq'Ata

"Even the ancient storytellers proclaimed Zhalfir to be dominant over all Jamuraa. Kaervek's invasion shocked us all." -Hakim, Loreweaver (Ancestral Memories)

Zhalfir's destiny rings in tempered steel. -Armorer Guild maxim (Armorer Guildmage)

"Wear the falcon's feathers in your hair - be fast as the falcon, bright as the Sun." -"Rise on Wings," Zhalfirin song (Bay Falcon)

Four gray trees and a long, coiling snake. What am I? -Zhalfirin riddle (Bull Elephant)

"The foul entities of the Uuserk swamp had never before dared to spread their influence to the very heart of Zhalfir." -Hakim, Loreweaver (Dirtwater Wraith)

"Suq'Ata believe in trade; Femeref, alms; Zhalfirins, steel. Be warned, Kaervek—now we are joined." —Sidar Jabari (Divine Offering)

Whatever follows life is incurable. —Zhalfirin aphorism (Dread Specter)

From jungle to sea, from sea to stone, from stone to field, from field to bone. What am I? Zhalfirin riddle (Ersatz Gnomes)

"They say a Zhalfirin archer can split the eye of a griffin. Nonsense, of course; they have no faith to guide their darts." —Nuru, Femeref archer (Femeref Archers)

Want all, lose all. —Zhalfirin aphorism (Final Fortune)

Held in the lion's eye —Zhalfirin saying meaning "caught in the moment of crisis" (Lion's Eye Diamond)

"If it bears wings, I will pin it to the skies over Tefemburu." —Roya, Zhalfirin archer (Longbow Archer)

The sea leaves no room for tears. —Zhalfirin adage (Merfolk Seer)

"Unlike Zhalfir, the griffin needs no council to keep harmony among its parts." -Asmira, Holy Avenger (Mtenda Griffin)

"Proud am I, / strong am I, / courageous in defending my children / and fierce in punishing what stands in my way." —"So the Elephant Speaks," Zhalfirin song (Noble Elephant)

When the other soldiers of Zhalfir fall, the askaris will yet stand. (Searing Spear Askari)

Shape this world in Zhalfir's image. —Shaper Guild maxim (Shaper Guildmage)

Time is the one shackle you can't break. —Zhalfirin aphorism (Spatial Binding)

"An ancient court mage unified the houses into guilds to serve Zhalfir above their own interests. Even during the civil war, the guilds stood together, a testament to the wisdom of Teferi." —Afari, Tales (Tranquil Domain)

The Zhalfirin war triangle represents a trinity of might, faith, and guile. (Triangle of War)

"Some believe sandstalkers to be illusions; those with scars know better." —Zhalfirin Guide to the Desert )Viashino Sandstalker)

"When traveling the Great Desert avoid wearing the scales of lizards, for the Viashino rule the sands and look poorly on the skinning of their cousins." —Zhalfirin Guide to the Desert (Viashino Warrior)

Watching the windreaper —Zhalfirin phrase meaning "daydreaming" (Windreaper Falcon)

Geographical Features in Zhalfir

NameGeography Type
Mtenda PlainPlain