The self-proclaimed emperor of the island country of Averness. His army of clones serves him without questions or dissension. He can fire a beam of agitated electrons from the HuperDeth Mechanism, a set of palm disks implanted into his hands.

Zolar was originally a test subject of the G-47 Serum created by Dr. Nicholas Taberman. The untested liquid was injected into his bloodstream, mutating his genetic structure and giving him superior abilities, but also creating serious side effects.

Zolar created the Repulsar Field, a force field that emanates from a person and repels anything it comes into contact with, including conventional ammunition and energy discharges. Zolar also employed a new design of hovertank in his seizure of Averness, The tanks combine magna-technology, which utilizes the world's magnetic field, and turbine engines that produce air pockets under the vehicle to glide upon.

Dimensional Conqueror

With his clones at his side, Zolar stands overlooking the vast array of people who come before him. He grins evilly behind his plexi-mask, thinking of his victory over averseness many years ago. At his command, his clones quickly gather the former leaders of this world and they are brought before him at the steps of the capitol building. One by one the leaders are decimated by the beams emitted from the HyperDeth Mechanism implanted in Zolar's arm. No one dares to stand against his wrath. Not unlike his reign in Averness, he brings financial wealth to the dimensional world but rules with an iron hand. His unforgiving army grows ten-fold, giving rise to a group of rebels who fight him by any means necessary with the hope of stopping his tyrannous rule.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. HyperDeth Mechanism