Fraz-Urb'luu himself dwells in this sprawling, roughly circular city of corkscrew towers, twisted domes, and vast amphitheaters. The city appears empty save for the demon prince and his succubi consorts, but benearh the cloak of illusion tens of thousands of petitioners live out the afterlives of their dreams, surrounded by friends and loving families tor the rest of eternity. Slowly, the Prince of Deception peels away these comforts one by one until the shuddering human souls are nothing more than feeble shells of doubt and self-pity. These are the Deceived, humans sacrificed in Fraz-Urb'luu's name by his wicked cult, and their final betrayal is among the few things that temporarily sate the demon prince's wrath over his humiliation at the hands of humanity.

The immense, razor-hooked adamantine walls of Zoragmelok are festooned with the twitching near-corpses of counrless human bodies tended by a small army ot harpy clerics who flap from body to body, attempting to keep them alive just long enough to prolong their suffering.