Zrintor the Viper Forest is an impossibly large forest of viper trees that dominates a vast portion of the Abyss's 45th layer, enshrouding a huge collection of oven gates that lead to locations throughout Azzagrat. The trees themselves seem to writhe upon absent winds, iheir venom-mourhed branches snaking down to ensnare unwary travelers. Because Zrintor's oven gates are so versatile, the forest remains heavily traveled despite the inherenr danger of the trees. No animals survive here, and only the firelight of torches and lanterns keeps most travelers sate from the trees.

The serpent trees actually fear the flames, so carrying a lit torch or building a campfire will keep a traveler safe. Light alone will not drive them away. From time to time, terrible forest fires beset the forest, setting the trees ro piteous screams of terror and pain. Only Graz'zt himself can quench such a potent conflagration, but he is said to enjoy the keening of the dying vipers and seldom rushes to save them.

The River of Salt flows through Zrintor, so a traveler can use to to escape - if he can survive the river. A traveler can also use one of the oven gates. Of course, some of the ovens ain't gates at all - that's the tanar'ri idea of a joke. Finally, Graz'zt and his councilors sometimes use the Viper Forest as a hunting grounds, hunting whomever they find in the forest. Graz'zt is a sporting lord, though -those who survive for a day and a night are allowed to go free, and tanar'ri that survive his hunt are transformed into more powerful forms.