Zur is probably best known for an Orb he made known as the Zuran Orb.

Zur remained aloof from Terisiare's suffering, intent only on his own perfection.

I will go to any length to achieve my goal. Eternal life is worth any sacrifice. -Zur the Enchanter (Zuran Orb)

We are Kjeldorans no more. -Zur the Enchanter (Zuran Enchanter)

The duel was going badly for me, and Zur thought I was finished. He boasted that he would eat my soul - but all he ate were his words. -Gustha Ebbasdotter, Kjeldoran royal mage

Magic overused can freeze the mind. Creativity is more important than power. -Zur the Enchanter (Mesmeric Trance)

Concentration is key. Without it, a mage conjures nothing but a splitting headache. -Zur the Enchanter (Rune Snag)

A resourceful mage has many sources of information. The best one is your foe. -Zur the Enchanter (Thoughtleech)

A mage must be precise as well as potent; cautious, as well as clever. -Zur the Enchanter (Zuran Spellcaster)

Do not call the Balduvians barbaric. Their magic is as potent as it is primal. -Zur the Enchanter (Martyr of Frost)

These sorcerers always seem to have another surprise up their sleeves. -Zur the Enchanter (Krovikian Sorceror)

The Elementalists' talents could be useful if turned to other purposes." -Zur the Enchanter (Krovikian Elementalist)

Zur the Enchanter